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SMA PROGRESS provides turnkey engineering and design, procurement, installation and maintenance for complete navigations needs Army - everything from Enhanced Position Location and Reporting System (EPLRS) to navigation equipment, anti-jamming technology,video streaming and more. And with more than 5 years of experience and professional technicians and engineers, SMA PROGRESS is ready for any navigations project for Army.
By leveraging a single-source navigation provider for comprehensive systems integration needs for battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicle, army don’t have to worry about the headaches of managing multiple vendors. They also save time and money working with one partner SMA PROGRESS from start to finish and experience the benefits of having one point of contact for accountability and escalations.
The development and production of anti-jamming technology is limited to a very specific, closed market sector with a particularly high cost of admission. Worldwide, only about 5-6 companies work with this technology. World leaders include the U.S./Canada companies Rockwell Collins, Mayflower Communications Company, NovAtel; the British company BAE Systems;
the France company Thales; and also the Russian SMA PROGRESS,LLC. The latter is the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of anti-jamming technology.

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